Our three levels of training:-

(1 Day)

(3 Days)

(5 Days)



By attending our highest level programme you can go on to become a CMC accredited professional mediator

Would you like a career as a workplace mediator?


Are you a HR Consultant and would like to offer mediation?


Would you like to help organisations develop their cultures?


Are you looking to be accredited by a professional body?


Becoming a Civil Mediation Council (CMC) accredited mediator gives you a whole new profession, which can open up numerous opportunities.


By passing the assessment process, you will have the proven skills and capabilities recognised by a professional mediation body.


As you progress as a professional mediator  you will enable organisations to drive real cultural change.


Whether you wish to mediate as a dedicated career, or just use the skills as part of your role, you will possess a whole new set of skills which will benefit you in any future career, and it will also give a different perspective outside of work.


As a CMC accredited mediator you may be invited to join our mediation panel and potentially gain immediate work in your new profession.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out our testimonial videos below:

Meet Jo (HR Professional) who talks about some great techniques she learned, and future collaboration with the team:

Meet Gareth (Warehouse Manager) as he tells us why all people leaders would benefit from learning mediation skills:


Meet Kathryn (HR Consultant) and hear her describe how the trainers work together to give you the best possible experience:


Meet Stacey (HR Professional) who describes how processes don’t work, and mediation skills enable long-term solutions:

Do I need to be accredited?

If you intend to mediate across organisations we highly recommend so. If you only wish to mediate internally within your own organisation then click here.


Is there much work out there for mediators?

Some training providers sell their courses by building a picture of a fantastic new career as a mediator. The reality is it's tough to build a career as a full-time mediator, but it is possible for the right people. We will help you on that journey as much as we can.


Would I be able to join your mediation panel?

Potentially, yes. Members of our mediation panel are by invitation only. Successfully passing the five day course and gaining CMC accreditation is the minimum requirement and we love to welcome some of our trainees who share our ethos to join our panel.

Is there a formal exam?

Not in the written form, but there is a formal assessment process which takes a whole day. This consists of observations and assessments by three assessors but they're nothing to worry about!


How much does a mediator charge?

This is a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question as prices vary enormously, mainly as it is an unregulated industry. We are around median when it comes to our prices, but the top end in terms of experience and quality, which we feel is the best balance.


Are your trainers also mediators themselves?

YES! Many training providers use trainers who aren’t practicing mediators – they just know the theory. Our trainers have over 30 years of mediation experience and are mediating in parallel to delivering the training programmes.


On our fully CMC accredited mediator training programme, you’ll spend five days in our fantastic venue near Nottingham and not only will you benefit from all the learning, skills and techniques of mediation, you’ll also be inundated with fun, collaboration and be part of a whole new team.


For those who are travelling from around the country you also have the option of very reasonably priced quality accommodation where you can take a swim, use the gym or go for a stroll around the beautiful 26 acres of grounds.


The price for this course is £2,195 + VAT, which includes lunch and unlimited refreshments all week, all materials and the full assessment process.

What is the real cost of conflict at work?

A recent (2021) ACAS report concluded:-


Workplace conflict costs UK employers £28.5bn per year


Conflicts are expected to increase with more remote working


Nearly half a million (485,800) employees resign per year as a result of conflict


874,000 employees are absent each year as a result of conflict


Employers deal with over 2 million formal cases per year


Just management time alone costs on average £951 per grievance


On top of financial costs to employers, poor conflict management can lead to stress, anxiety and depression and can impact productivity

Sounds great - what do I need to do to achieve all this?

  1. Simply book yourself on our next training programme by clicking here.
  2. Attend the course, have some fun along the way and pass our assessment process.
  3. Register as a CMC Associate and progress towards your CMC registered status! Click here for more details.


Do you offer mediation training online?

We deliver many of our actual mediations virtually, and they work really well (click here to see a video). We also deliver a one day course on avoiding grievances which we run via Zoom. However, we firmly believe that actual training in mediation can only be fully effective in person, therefore our internal and external accredited training programmes are all in-person where everybody gets the benefit of real-life interaction which is so critical.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have including the dates for future courses if you can't make these - email us or give us a call on 0333 987 5185 and we'll answer all of your questions.


If you'd like to know more about the services we offer, or you have a question, please don't hesitate to call or email us. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form opposite and we'll respond quickly.

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