Should I be allowed to work part-time?

I’ve recently been involved in a dispute which revolved around ‘part-time’ working and flexible working - a subject which will be much more prevalent given what most organisations and employees have experienced during the last 18 months or so.

So many people feel they can’t move jobs because they currently work part-time and feel other employers won’t be as flexible. It’s such a shame. Organisations are missing out so much. 

I don’t know anybody in a professional career who works the hours they’re paid. Whether they’re paid 20, 30 or 40 hours is a different issue to what they work - if anything part-time people arguably give even more in my experience, especially when it's for childcare reasons - the amount of work carried out once the kids are in bed is incredible. 

I think we need to stop thinking about full time / part time. In my view there are jobs and there are people. When it comes to matching the two there should always be sensible conversations both ways about the needs of the job and the needs of the person - it's very rare that the requirements of the two won't match if you really want to look for the opportunities.

With sensible conversations comes sensible solutions, and when that flexibility goes both ways you get a job well done at the optimum cost and you get an engaged employee - it’s what’s commonly known as a ‘win win’ and things just work for everyone.

For me the question isn’t can they work part time, it’s how do we match the company's needs with those of the individual. As I always say - there will be a solution if you just apply a touch of pragmatism! 


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