Sometimes employees and organisations need a little bit of help to work out solutions to issues in the workplace. Over 97% of the cases we mediate result in a resolution.

Our small group of incredibly talented mediators help with very difficult cases around the UK. Whether it's allegations of discrimination, bullying, harassment, etc - or office spats, performance or absence issues, teams not working effectively or issues between management and trade unions - we can help with them all. There are very few (if any) workplace issues where mediation won't help!


The main reasons we do mediation are time, cost and stress - with stress being by far the biggest issue. As mediators we recognise the stress that everyone is under - not just the aggrieved employee, but the "accused", the managers and HR professionals who are also embroiled in the issues.

It really is a shame what people put each other through when they are in dispute, and we all know (deep down) that life really is too short. For context, most disputes we deal with have been rumbling for months or years and a mediation between two people will take just one day!


Our job is simple to explain - we help people to talk, listen and understand each other. They don't have to be friends, but they do need to be professional, respectful and courteous if they're going to maintain a working relationship. Sometimes, however, employment relationships are broken beyond repair, but there's still a solution through mediation - we explain more about this in our blog the difference between workplace and employment mediation.


If you have a workplace or employment case that you would like to discuss, please click here or the orange button above - we'll schedule some time to talk about the case and we'll also send you a video to watch which explains the mediation process.

If your query is about a family matter (eg children, divorce, etc) or a civil & commercial case (eg commercial contracts, neighbour disputes, etc) please scroll down to connect with specialist mediators in these areas who re know, trust and recommend.

One of the most common things people worry about is being thrown into a room with someone and being shouted at, or the other person just not listening - these are perfectly rational fears, but that isn't real mediation - when this happens it's usually because somebody is "having a go" at mediation and aren't professionally trained mediators.

Whilst what we do is simple as a concept, ie helping people to talk and to listen, the way we do this is through a lot of experience and skills. Often there is also a huge benefit in being independent from the organisation - even HR professionals will sometimes find it difficult to be completely impartial.

Please feel free to check out our
costs for mediation and our questions and answers. As with everything, our preference is to talk so please do feel free to schedule a call to discuss a case - we will advise on the best way forward. Usually this is mediation, but sometimes it may be a facilitated conversation which you can hear more about here.

We Mediate Virtually or In Person

Before the world changed in 2020, we were already carrying out mediations virtually due to the many benefits of doing so - especially when things are extremely urgent and it's difficult for people to be in the same venue. Although some situations must be dealt with in-person (always the preferred choice if possible), sometimes customers choose a virtual and we see no difference in the results. We're happy to discuss what works best for you and to chat through the benefits of each approach - we do draw the line with mediator training though - you really can't learn proper mediation skills over a screen! 

Other Mediation Specialists

Whilst mediation is a generic skillset, there are distinctive specialities within the mediation profession. At Pragmatism we very much specialise in workplace and employment mediation. Below, we have provided links to specialist providers of family mediation and civil & commercial mediation. There are no commercial arrangements with these organisations - they are simply specialist mediators who we know, trust and recommend. Please click the relevant link below to find more details and to arrange to discuss your case.


If you'd like to know more about the services we offer, or you have a question, please don't hesitate to call or email us. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form opposite and we'll respond quickly.



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