Enabling managers to have 'difficult' conversations and nip issues in the bud

Not everybody needs to train as a mediator - leaders can learn some of the key skills and techniques that we use as mediators to resolve disputes, enhancing their leadership skills and enabling them to have what we tend to brand as 'difficult' conversations.


Conversations are only 'difficult' because managers don't have the confidence to hold them - so they refer the issues to HR or ignore the issues completely - this is where most grievances stem from.

The reason managers lack confidence is because they don't have the tools, techniques and guidance - it's a vicious circle which many organisations seem to live with!


By giving managers the confidence to have proper conversations, they not only resolve issues when they arise, they tend to prevent them in the first place - either way they don't feel they need to pass the issues on to HR and everybody avoids those dreaded grievances!


In addition to our accredited mediator training we also deliver the following three levels of leadership development programmes to organisations across the UK:-


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