Imagine a world without formal grievances - it's perfectly possible!

Do you waste time in grievances?


Are you frustrated that people don't nip issues in the bud?


Would you like to help people to resolve their own issues?


Would you like the skills and confidence to facilitate conversations?


Are you sometimes asked to mediate but don’t know what to do?


Do line managers need to sharpen their people skills?


Does it feel like you’re dealing with kids in a playground?


Are you looking for professionally accredited mediator training? 



By training in mediation skills you’ll be able to nip issues in the bud so that you no longer waste time in formal grievances. You'll also use the skills outside work too!


The training will give you the skills and confidence to help your employees resolve issues themselves, so that everyone can focus on the jobs they’re paid to do.


By enabling proper conversations you’ll gain real insights from your people to positively influence their thinking, their behaviours and therefore the results.


If you're a HR professional, gaining mediation skills will transform your role, so you can become a real cultural change agent within your business.


If you're a line manager, gaining the skills to deal with people issues quickly means you spend better quality time with your people, so they become happier and more productive.


You will have the confidence to talk and listen to people more, so that employee engagement improves rapidly and naturally.  

Mediation Skills: a new string to your bow

5 reasons why our training is unique and delivers the best results:-


  1. Our trainers don't just preach theories - they're active real-life mediators who have over 30 years of mediating experience. Their main 'day job' is working as professional mediators.

  2. We don't dilute our training with civil or commercial mediation training. You receive the best possible training for workplace issues from workplace mediation specialists, giving you the best opportunity for success.

  3. You’ll have fun! We create a friendly and supportive community, and you'll learn in a comfortable and safe environment. Mediation is all about people and relationships, and this is a priority for us in the training.

  4. Our absolute priority is to give you the skills, techniques and confidence to make a real difference to your career and to your organisation. The training is modular (scroll down!) so you can achieve the level of training you require.

  5. We genuinely want to help you and your organisation to maximise the huge culture change opportunity that issue resolution approaches bring. We've been there and done it ourselves.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out our testimonial videos below:

Meet Jo (HR Professional) who talks about some great techniques she learned, and future collaboration with the team:

Meet Gareth (Warehouse Manager) as he tells us why all people leaders would benefit from learning mediation skills:


Meet Kathryn (HR Consultant) and hear her describe how the trainers work together to give you the best possible experience:


Meet Stacey (HR Professional) who describes how processes don’t work, and mediation skills enable long-term solutions:

Which training programme is best for me?

This all depends on whether you're looking to gain the skills to use within your own organisation, or whether you're wanting full external accreditation.


Our training is specifically designed to give you flexibility, and enables you to obtain the skills needed and confidence required to mediate either within your own organisation or across others. Whichever course you choose you will receive exactly the same training for the first three days which provides the skills. The final two days is all about accreditation and involves much more practise, alongside the assessments to ensure you are operating at the professional standards required. 


Once you have successfully passed our five day programme (options 2 and 3 below) you can join the Civil Mediation Council as an Associate Mediator and, after gaining the required experience points, you will then become an Accredited Workplace mediator. Click on the image below to download the structure.

How much does the training cost?

When are the next training programmes?

Where is the training held?

If you join one of our programmes, you’ll spend three or five days at our fantastic venue in Nottingham. Not only will you benefit from all the learning, skills and techniques of mediation, you’ll also be inundated with fun, collaboration and be part of a whole new team.


For those who are travelling from around the country you also have the option of very reasonably priced quality accommodation where you can make use of the fantastic facilities on offer.


We also run the three day programme in-house for organisations who have a number of people they wish to train. Please download our prices here and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


You really will drive positive cultural change!


Whilst there are significant benefits from reduced time, cost and stress, there are much wider benefits. Issues in the workplace are about leadership. Leadership is about people. People are the culture.


Organisations who train mediators internally move away from grievance procedures to issue resolution mindsets – and it really does transform culture. One organisation went from an average of 12 formal grievances per week to just one formal grievance in 15 months. This was all achieved by a ‘mediation first’ approach using effective internal mediators.

What is the real cost of conflict at work?

A recent (2021) ACAS report concluded:-


Workplace conflict costs UK employers £28.5bn per year


Conflicts are expected to increase with more remote working


Nearly half a million (485,800) employees resign per year as a result of conflict


874,000 employees are absent each year as a result of conflict


Employers deal with over 2 million formal cases per year


Just management time alone costs on average £951 per grievance


On top of financial costs to employers, poor conflict management can lead to stress, anxiety and depression and can impact productivity

How do I justify the investment?

Other than the stark figures above, this is also an investment in personal development, leadership capability and cultural change where the returns for any organisation will be huge.


Do I need to be an experienced HR professional?

No! Becoming a mediator is about the skills and approach you have as an individual. It really doesn’t matter what role you’re in and you don’t need a HR background.


Does the training include role plays?

Yes, because training as a mediator needs practise. Please don’t worry, nobody will feel uncomfortable and you will hone your skills in a friendly and safe environment. The scenarios used are also real-life mediations which we have facilitated.

Can you train a full team of us on-site?

Yes, we take the three day programme into organisations who provide the venue. This is more cost effective if you have a number of employees to train. Click here to see more details.


Is the training accredited?

Yes! The five day programme is fully accredited by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC), and the three day programme is recognised for continuous professional development (CPD). 


Are your trainers also mediators themselves?

YES! Many training providers use trainers who aren’t practicing mediators – they just know the theory. Our trainers have over 30 years of mediation experience and are mediating in parallel to delivering the training programmes.


Do you offer the training online?

We deliver many of our actual mediations virtually, and they work really well (click here to see a video). We also deliver a one day course on avoiding grievances which we run via Zoom. However, we firmly believe that actual training in mediation can only be fully effective in person, therefore our internal and external accredited training programmes are all in-person where everybody gets the benefit of real-life interaction which is so critical.

Sounds great - what do I need to do to achieve all this?

  1. Simply book yourself on our next training programme by clicking here.
  2. Develop and hone your new mediation skills
  3. Apply what you’ve learned and practiced, then watch the grievances disappear!


We're happy to answer any questions you may have including the dates for future courses if you can't make these - email us or give us a call on 0333 987 5185 and we'll answer all of your questions.


If you'd like to know more about the services we offer, or you have a question, please don't hesitate to call or email us. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form opposite and we'll respond quickly.

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