Returning employees from furlough - 55 tips!

One of the key issues is the complete lack of precedent or (at the time of writing) comprehensive governmental guidance for this type of scenario. This means much of what businesses need to rely on is a (dare I say it) pragmatic view to integrating people back into the workplace and avoiding disputes with employees.

I was privileged to be asked by the CIPD's People Management magazine to be interviewed for a "masterclass" article to give organisations practical things to think about prior to returning employees to work - whilst the request was about furloughed employees returning I also touched on those still working from home as there could be a number of issues with those employees too if the integration back is not managed well.

I wanted to share the points I raised in the discussion in the hope that there may be one or two elements to help a few people out there - I know a lot of people are worried about what to do, and in many cases there isn't an official answer - it will come down to just doing what is right or reasonable. 

In the discussion I covered what I feel are common sense and practical tips to consider in order to ensure a smoother process. If there's nothing within these tips that you haven't thought of already then that's great - you're obviously pretty well prepared!  

I don't profess to have covered every point either so if there's anything you think could have been added regarding practical tips please let me know - I'm happy to update the document as things evolve. 

To receive a copy of the 55 tips click here 


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