Understandably, one of the key questions you'll want to answer is how much? Whether it be for a mediation or to train as a mediator. One of our core values is transparency in everything we do, so we have set out below our very simple cost structures which we hope will provide you with the information you need.


We are not the cheapest option and we never will be - we're also not the most expensive by a long way! We firmly believe we are by far the best value for money for both mediations and training given the quality, expertise and results that we deliver.


Mediation is unfortunately an unregulated industry, therefore there are plenty of service providers who claim to offer high quality mediation or training without the necessary skills and experience. All of our professional mediators are regulated by the Civil Mediation Council and are highly experienced in their field. Similarly, our training is of the very highest standard and unlike many providers,  our trainers are real-life mediators. Additionally,  we provide coaching as well as training throughout the three or five days. We're very proud of the amazing testimonials we receive from our delegates.  


If you're in a position to plan early, don't miss out on our early booking discounts which are available for limited periods - see here for the latest dates when discounts are available.


Our 3 day Internal workplace mediator programme runs Monday to Wednesday and costs as little as £996 + VAT including lovely lunches and refreshments throughout the three days at our beautiful venue in Nottingham.


If you want to be a fully Civil Mediation Council accredited workplace mediator then you have two options - you can either stay with us for the full week, or if you prefer you can complete the three day programme and then join a later programme to complete the final two days which are always on a Thursday and Friday. Whichever way you choose, the total cost for our accredited training is from as little as £1,992 + VAT. Again, this includes lunch and refreshments throughout the five days.


For organisations who are looking to transform cultures away from traditional grievances, towards issue resolution and nipping issues in the bud, we take our three day internal mediator programme on the road and deliver this in-house.


There are numerous benefits to training a team of line managers and / or HR professionals for any organisation, not least the absolute focus on how to implement and utilise mediation skills within your business. 


By using your workplace as a venue, we are able to train up to 18 delegates at a cost per delegate of as little as £527 + VAT. Any of your delegates can then go on to become fully Civil Mediation Council accredited workplace mediators should you wish to have in-house accredited expertise.


Our pricing structure for mediations is simple - we charge £675 + VAT per party. Most mediations are between two people, which would be a total cost of £1,350 + VAT (two parties at £675 + VAT each). This includes everything from the start of the process and discussions ahead of the actual mediation, through to a follow-up four weeks after the mediation.


Sometimes we help clients to resolve issues outside the scope of an official mediation, eg by facilitating conversations between individuals or teams. For this type of work we charge by the hour. The hourly cost for one of our mediators is £160 + VAT per hour.


In terms of expenses, online / virtual mediations do not incur any, whereas in-person we have to cover costs for travel and accommodation, etc. However, please be assured that if we need to stay overnight we don't stay in luxury hotels - Premier Inns or equivalent are fine for us!


We always keep costs and expenses to a minimum for our clients - that's important to us as part of our customer service ethos.


If you'd like to know more about the services we offer, or you have a question, please don't hesitate to call or email us. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form opposite and we'll respond quickly.



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