As the head of our organisation, it's important to me that we have robust policies in place. We are underpinned by £10,000,000 of public and a further £3,000,000 of professional liability insurance. You can view our current certificate by clicking here or on the button above.

We are proud of our experience and professionalism, and from a mediation perspective it's important that we have a professional code of conduct under which we all operate. You can click above or click here to see the code under which we operate.

The privacy of data is extremely important to us, especially given the confidentiality of what we do. We are, of course, fully compliant with the requirements of the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and you can see our data policy by clicking here or the button above.

Finally, feedback is very important to us - you can see some of the latest feedback by clicking here. We also take complaints extremely seriously - we hope we never get any, but just in case we do you can see our procedure by clicking here or the button above.

Working Virtually and Face-to-Face

Before the world changed in 2020, we were already carrying out mediations virtually due to the many benefits of doing so - especially when things are extremely urgent and it's difficult for people to be in the same venue. Although some situations must be dealt with in-person (always the preferred choice if possible), sometimes customers choose a virtual and we see no difference in the results. We're happy to discuss what works best for you and to chat through the benefits of each approach - we do draw the line with mediator training though - you really can't learn proper mediation skills over a screen! 


If you'd like to know more about the services we offer, or you have a question, please don't hesitate to call or email us. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form opposite and we'll respond quickly.



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