Reduce that stress - talk issues early


Every dispute is different, but there is one element that's always the same - stress. Whether it's an argument about a boundary line with neighbours, two employees not getting along, or a challenge against a redundancy selection, it's stressful for everybody.

Stress can't be completely avoided, but it can be massively reduced if only we can get to the sensible talking stage early. Once people are at that stage they start to weigh everything up in context and looking at the whole picture makes things look different - when people are angry they need help in seeing things rationally - whether it's formal mediation or just some ongoing coaching and mentoring, there are many ways to help.

I find this to be one of (if not the) most satisfying parts of my job. Seeing the relief that comes with sorting out an issue that they've lost sleep over and has constantly beein on their minds is very satisfying. Every time though - without fail - that same solution could have been reached far earlier.

It's a pity we can't measure stress in a more tangible way, but believe me early intervention is the key and sometimes people just need a little bit of help getting there.


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