Avoiding Disputes Tip #1 - Employment Lawyers

I just wanted to do a series of very short tips regarding avoiding disputes -

especially in this rather difficult time that we're all experiencing.


The first one I've already posted a couple of times about and that's really about using an employment lawyer. Whether that's directly using an employment lawyer, or through a HR professional. I would always make sure the background of the guidance that you're receiving is via an employment lawyer.


There are a lot of things happening where people like Martin Lewis (who's a financial expert), Judge Rinder (who's a Criminal Barrister) - they're out there giving advice. Almost half jokingly I've also posted about “Sharon on Facebook” (a fictitious character), but a lot of people are taking their advice from Facebook or people who are not experts.



Employment lawyers are the experts in what's happening at the moment, and keeping up to date on everything that's happening. Also having that legal expertise and that legal knowledge is absolutely critical.


People like me who've worked in HR for decades have a lot of experience, but I also have the backup of employment lawyers and I work with employment lawyers across the country and rely on that expertise - that legal expertise.


So, my first tip in avoiding future disputes and future issues is

however you’re taking your advice and guidance always ensure that you've got the backup of employment lawyers.


Hope that helps but give us a call if you need further advice about this or workplace mediation.




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