Avoiding disputes quick tip #6 - constantly engage and listen to your Trade Union / Employee Representatives

Just continuing the short series of quick tips regarding avoiding disputes.

Today is really about ensuring that you constantly engage, talk to (and listen to!) your trade unions, your employee reps, etc on a very regular basis regarding where your thoughts are now, what your plans are going forward.

Really engaging in that conversation - listening to what they've got to say. Let them influence your thinking, listening to understand what they are saying. Because the sooner you can do that, the more often you can do that, then the less issues you're going to have going forward. As with everything in the employment relationship, don't wait until you've made the decision, or you think you need to be communicating - just communicate constantly.


If the answer is you don't know the answer, that's a perfectly good answer! Just telling people what you do know - telling people what you don't know, sharing with Representatives what your latest thinking is, and letting them help you shape the most positive way forward and the the least disruptive way forward you will avoid disputes.

I hope that helps and if you want to know more or find out about mediation then give us a call.


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