Avoiding disputes quick tip #8 - if there's any possibility of redundancies start planning now.

Quick tip today about avoiding disputes is really about planning for redundancies. Even if you don't know what the long-term situation will be over the coming weeks and months for your organisation.

If there is a potential for redundancies then start thinking about that now.

I'm thinking about things like how you will make things easier for employees in such a difficult circumstance. Thinking about will you provide outplacement support? Who are your outplacement support providers?

What help can you give to individuals? Talking to trade unions (if you recognise trade unions). Talking to employee representatives about planning for those types of scenarios. If you don't need to use them - fantastic!

What I would suggest is not waiting until you do know to then go into some kind of panic consultation. The longer you can think about about these types of things, and the longer you can give yourself to plan for them,

the better result you're likely to get - and the less disputes that you’re likely to get with employees.

There's nothing wrong with thinking about those things now in theory - before you have to put them into practice.

I hope that helps. 


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