Avoiding disputes Tip #9 - self check you've been fair

Avoiding disputes quick tip #9 is about self-checking that you've been fair to your employees. It's been a tough few weeks - some of your quick decisions may just need reviewing.

Once people are back and compare notes any perceived unfairness will come out and whilst they may not want to raise the issues straight away due to uncertainty about their jobs, you can almost guarantee they will come out eventually. Put yourself in each of your employee's shoes - in hind sight have they been treated fairly? If not rectify it now - an issue sorted before the employee realises it's an issue will be so much better than formal grievances - just explain to the employees involved - if you explain to them they're more likely to understand.

It's been lovely to get some great feedback from the 55 tips we emailed out this week about returning employees back to work. If you're not on our mailing list feel free to register by clicking this link - more happy to send them to you completely free of charge.


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