Make sure you investigate successes!

We all know what root cause analysis is. There's a nice simple way of getting to root cause. Look at what's happened and ask yourself five “whys” or however many “whys” you need to ask to get to the real root cause of the issue.

I'm not going to talk about root cause and how to do it but rather pose a question. During mediations, we often see organisations looking at root cause when things go wrong. Our question is shouldn't we always do this when things go really well?

Often organisations will pat a few people on the back then divert their attention to the things that have gone wrong. 

If organisations can get to the root of their successes it will always be about people. By sustaining these behaviours and changing the way people think, you will change the results that you get.

We think this is something that all organisations should do. Don't skip by the successes - do a proper root cause analysis on them. That's where you'll drive cultural progression. 

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