Redundancy consultation tip #3 see legal requirements as minimum standards

The tip today about consultation is about making it more than just the legal minimum requirement is.

The law tells us how long we've got to consult for if we've got (x) number of employees, etc - which is fine. Often a lot of organisations just use that time to tick boxes and don't really have the right conversations with employee representatives.

Consultation is such a powerful thing, and actually delivers the best result the more effectively that consultation can happen. I've talked before about starting the consultation as early as possible, and before you've actually got the answers to questions. Really the quality of that consultation must be way above the minimum requirement if you're going to get the best result

both for the business and for employees.

It's very difficult during redundancy consultations - it's a very emotive time.

The key thing is to really invest that time (and longer than the law requires if necessary). Invest the time in it being the quality of those consultations and really listening to what employees, (and employee representatives on behalf of employees) are really saying to you. That time will be well invested, and will result in a much better outcome for the business and employees in these difficult times.

So, I'd really recommend not just looking at the law as the requirement - look at it as the MINIMUM requirement.

Hope that helps and if you need help or want more information about workplace mediation then give us a call!

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