Redundancy consultation tip #4 - train your employee reps and your managers.

Quick tip today is about ensuring that your managers and your employee reps are trained in the consultation process. What consultation is about, the process that you're going to follow, how they're supported in their role, etc. It really does bring together the consultation team and those people that are not used to consultation processes, and not experienced in those types of processes.

If you’ve got Trade Union reps usually they're incredibly well trained, but again getting the team together as a joint team and investing that time upfront on training really does help the process and will stand you in better stead for a good consultation process.

What I would also say when it comes to the management perspectives, don't forget them. Yes, there are the collective consultations that will take place at the organisational level, but don't forget there will be a lot of individual consultations between managers and employees, and those managers will need a level of training as well to conduct those consultations, which can obviously be quite difficult discussions in these sorts of circumstances.

So, I really would think about really investing up front on the training for those managers and employee reps.

Hope that helps, if you want to discuss this or find out about workplace mediation then give us a call!

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