Redundancy consultation tip #6 - send employees joint communications.

Quick tip today is about communications.

The best consultations that I've been involved in - the communications that we've come out with have been joint communications between the management team and the employee representatives. That really does give you consistency in your messaging to employees.

The real quality comes when you're actually able to communicate things that you don't agree on, or things that you've not answered yet - you've not been able to answer those questions. To be able to say from a management perspective, this is the position and from a Trade Union (or employee rep) perspective this is the position - and discussions continue. Or actually to be able to say “We've got nothing to communicate!” It's really important to communicate even when there's nothing to say - so even if you've made no progress, to say that so far there's been no progress since the last communication, is really important. To be able to say that jointly - and to be able to give whatever updates jointly - is absolutely key.

So, if you can - go for that joint communication, it's very very powerful.

Hope that helps, as ever if you need any more information or want to know about workplace mediation then give us a call.

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