Redundancy consultation tip #5 - get to know your employee representatives as people

Quick tip today about consultation is to get to know your employee reps really well as people.

Often organisations just think about the more objective elements of consultation, ie how long do we consult for? What are the structures that we’re proposing? What are the financial elements, etc? They forget about the more subjective elements, ie the people.

The people that are involved - employee reps are doing a pretty tough job in representing employees, and to go through a consultation, and for the consultation to be effective, it really is a team effort. Obviously, as we all know one of the critical parts of teams is getting to know people.

So, if you invest time upfront on getting to know the reps - what makes them tick, what do they do outside work, what are their interests, which style of communication do they prefer, all those kinds of things before the consultation starts, you really will make some of the more difficult conversations a lot more manageable as you go through the process. It also means you will get a better result at the end of the consultation. I really would recommend investing that time upfront on getting to know each other, and getting to know the reps.

I hope that helps and if you need any further information about this or workplace mediation then give us a call!

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