Avoiding Disputes Tip #3 - Use Technology

The quick tip today on avoiding disputes is really about the use of technology.

I do have concerns as time goes on that a lot of employers are still delaying the progression of people-related issues, because the perception is that you have to be back at work, you have to be in the same room as each other to progress these issues.

It's absolutely not the case with modern technology, such as video conferencing,

that most people are now using in some way, shape or form.

My concern is that as time does go on into numbers of weeks and months then some very legitimate questions will be asked further down the line when there are disputes,

such as, “Why did you not progress this through telephone conversations or video conversations?”.  If you think about things like grievances and disciplinaries, etc

those conversations can still happen very effectively online.

Investigations can take place, disciplinaries can take place, mediations can take place - just as effectively online. It's something I would start thinking about now - the things that you've got on hold that are people-related. Do you really need to have them on hold or can you progress them? I think 9 times out of 10 (at least) the answer will be that you can progress those issues, so I'd certainly encourage thinking in that way.


My other tip would be make sure you know how to use the technology. If you're not sure how to use the technology practise first on family and friends so you do get to know the technology. It's all pretty simple once you know how - just like anything, but it's never simple when you don't know! So, have a practise with the technology and then progress the issues online - I would suggest.

Hope that helps and if you want more information about this or workplace mediation, then give us a call.


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