Returning employees back from furlough tip #2 - don't see it as a HR task.

My tip today about returning employees from furloughed leave is really about accountability. Making sure that accountability comes right from the top with the return of employees from furlough leave.

This is not purely a HR task. Clearly HR are absolutely critical in the process, but it's a business accountability. My personal recommendation would be to see this is a project and to be managed by somebody in In the organisation who has good project management skills. Hopefully not the HR professional in your organisation because they're going to have more than enough on their plates organising and sorting out the key aspects for their function.

Obviously, you've also got health & safety, logistics, occupational health, purchasing when it comes PPE, etc. You've got so many things to think about - the HR person in your organisation cannot do everything. They cannot take accountability for everything and be running around and sticking tape on floors and things like that.

I'm sure there are other people in the organisation who can do those things.

Don't leave your HR Manager to be running around with the proverbial brush behind them sweeping up as they go!

I hope that helps but get in touch for further advice or information about workplace mediation.


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