Returning employees from furlough tip #3 - commuting and car parking.

A quick tip today about returning employees from furlough is really about transport. Obviously, governmental guidance (understandably) is about avoiding public transport, which inevitably means more employees will be traveling by their own vehicles.

Often in organisations car parks are one of the constraints. Car parks - alongside lockers, canteens and toilets - are probably one of the top things that can cause disputes in the workplace. Clearly, if you've got more people traveling by car and you've got constraints in your car park, you need to start thinking about things like that now - sounds silly, but it could be could be quite a big issue.

Obviously as regards commuting - if people are traveling on public transport then talk to your people, how are they traveling, is there anything you can do to help? Can you change their shift pattern times to reduce the likelihood of them being in close contact with other members of the public? Are there masks you can provide, etc?

Just talking to them about their individual circumstances will help to avoid disputes and may help planning for things like parking capacity, etc.

I hope that helps and if you need any more advice or want to find out more about workplace mediation the give us a call.


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