Returning employees from furlough tip #1 - employees reluctant to return to work.

I hope you had a great weekend and celebrated VE day as well as you could under the circumstances. Last week we produced and sent out for free 55 practical tips for returning employees to work from furlough leave. I thought it might be worth just putting some of the key tips into video format.

The first tip is to really not be surprised if some employees are a little bit reluctant (shall we say) to return from furloughed leave. If you think about prior to furlough - if we'd put out a survey to the whole workforce in the UK asking who would like to go home and spend time with their family, during the nice weather, not have to do any work and just take a 20% pay cut (or in some circumstances not take a pay cut at all). I'm pretty sure the take-up would have been pretty high!

So, if you think about the fact that employees have been doing that - they've been at home. They've been enjoying more family life. I know there have been struggles regarding lockdown, but they've not been required to do their job. They've either been paid 100% of their pay or (most people) have been paid 80% of their pay. Now you're asking them to come back to work - and most people will be fine. But please don't be surprised if some of your employees are reluctant (if not refusing) to return from furloughed leave.

I'll do another tip in terms of people who are refusing. As regards whilst you’re planning to return think about the different scenarios. Think about the different employee circumstances, and obviously - as ever - talk to them. Don't be surprised (and be be planning for) people who are somewhat reluctant to return.

I hope that helps and if you need any further advice about this or workplace mediation then give us a call.


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