Returning from furlough tip #8 - managers and HR are employees too

Just a very quick tip today really about management and HR. Often when organisations are going through some really difficult times (and obviously most organisations are now) the HR teams are working absolutely crazy hours, and often the managers are as well. Just trying to sort out whatever the issues are, and all the business challenges that they face. Sometimes I think we forget that those people are also employees.


As a team - the leadership team and the HR teams, are really trying to make sure (hopefully) that we do everything that we can for employees. Making sure their welfare is looked after, their safety is looked after. We talk to them, we make sure they know who to talk to. That they know who to phone if they're really feeling particularly bad, etc. But we forget ourselves. So I really would encourage people to just look around them.


The management teams and the HR professionals in your organisations.

Just ask that question - who’s supporting them? Who's looking out for them? Who's consulting with them? Who's making sure they have the appropriate support? Obviously mental health is a is a key issue for all employees. There's a lot of stress around at the minute. I can see a lot of managers, and a lot of HR professionals, who are actually struggling. So, I would recommend just asking that question - who's supporting everybody in the leadership and HR teams?


I hope that helps and if you need any more information about this or workplace mediation then don't hesitate to give us a call.



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